80s Movie T-Shirts

Welcome to the days of arcades, big hair, mixtape, and neon-colored clothing. The eighties was a glorious decade for Hollywood with major advancements in film across many genres. From the rise of teenage coming-of-age movies to the generation's comedic stars like Eddie Murphy.



One of the greatest decades in movie history. The 1980s belonged to blockbusters and cemented certain stars and characters in pop-culture forever. Eighties action cinema wasn’t just about the wildest stunts or the biggest explosions. Filmmakers like Cameron, Zemeckis, Hughes and most notably Spielberg made movies that created the zeitgeist, that resonated with moviegoers across the globe and made them want to go back to the cinema again and again.

So, fire up the flux capicator.

This is the decade that brought us “Back to the Future”, “Die Hard”, “The Blues Brothers”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “The Terminator” to name but a few. The 1980s was full of great Iconic movies.