Wallace Corporation T-Shirt inspired by Blade Runner 2049

Wallace Corporation T-Shirt

Wallace Corporation T-Shirt

Checking on an old serial number.

You have anything else? You have confirmation DNA?

I have hair.

An old one. Pre-Blackout, this is gonna be tough. Not much from then and what’s there is thick milky.
Everyone remembers where they were at the Blackout. You?

Before my time.

Home with my folks, terrified — ten days of darkness, every machine stopped cold.
When the lights came back we were wiped clean as any. Photos, files, every bit of data — gone. Bank records too, didn’t mind that, couldn’t prove our loan and had to give us the house outright…

Funny how only paper lasts. We had everything on drives. My mom still cries over the lost baby pictures.

Shame. You must’ve been adorable.

Here. Pretty fractured, not much on it. One of the last gens pre-Prohibition. B’s across the board, standard issue. Made by Tyrell.


No remarks. Unremarkable.

Unremarkable. That’s all you know.

Brown hair.

A two-color design, hand screen printed on a classic fit 100% cotton t-shirt that comes in 2 different colors to choose from. This tribute t-shirt is inspired by Denis Villeneuve’s 2017 movie “Blade Runner 2049”.
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