Bob’s Country Bunker T-Shirt inspired by The Blues Brothers

Bob’s Country Bunker T-Shirt

Bob’s Country Bunker T-Shirt

Alright man, we’ve been in this car for three hours now. Where the hell is this place?
I told you it would take a little while to get there.
What’s the name of the place?
Ah… the name of the place…
Is ah… Bob’s Country Bunker. Here we are.

Bob’s Country Bunker?
Jake, the sign says “Tonight Only The Good Ole’ Boys”.
Blues Brothers. It should read “Tonight only the Blues Brothers triumphant return”. Must be some kind of mistake. You guys unload the stuff. Elwood, come with me.
Well now, what can I get you boys? Are ya thirsty, ya hungry, or you just driving through? Maybe you’d like a beer or something a little harder? Hey, you know we happen to make the states best pepper steak.
No thank you, ma’am. We may be sucking back a few beers a little later on. We’ll be here all night. You see, we’re the band.
You are? Oh, gee, that’s nice. Hey Bob!! This is the band!
Er… what kind of music do you usually have here?
Oh, we got both kinds. We got Country, and Western.

A three-color design, hand screen printed on a classic fit 100% cotton t-shirt that comes in 2 different colors to choose from. This tribute t-shirt is inspired by John Landis’s 1980 movie “The Blues Brothers”.
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