Pan Am Airlines T-Shirt inspired by Catch Me If You Can

Pan Am Airlines T-Shirt

Pan Am Airlines T-Shirt

Pan Am, may l help you?

Yeah. HeIIo, I'm caIIing about a uniform.

Hold for Purchasing.

Thank you.


I'm a co-piIot based out of San Francisco. I fIew a fIight into New York Iast night, but the probIem is I'm headed out to Paris in three hours.

How can we help you?

I sent my uniform to be cIeaned through the hoteI and I guess they must have Iost it.

They lost a uniform. Happens all the time.

Go down to the Well-Built Uniform Company at 9th and Broadway. They're our uniform supplier.

l'll tell Mr. Rosen you're coming.

A single-color design, hand screen printed on a classic fit 100% cotton t-shirt that comes in 2 different colors to choose from. This tribute t-shirt is inspired by Steven Spielberg’s 2002 movie “Catch Me If You Can”.
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